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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know


When Should I Place My Order?

As soon as you have an idea of what items you'd like and have your date set, you can reserve your date to ensure your desired items will be available. Exact numbers of items (such as centerpieces) can change after this time, but if possible try to have an estimate of the number of each item you'd like to book. You can reserve your date with a non-refundable $50 deposit that will go towards your final rental total. 

If interested in the for-sale items (e.g., bridal shoes, custom hangers, bouquets, etc.) it is best to give me at least a few months to work on your items, but message me if you need any of the items in a month or less and I will let you know if it can be done. 

What if my rental order changes?

There is an initial 50% deposit to lock in your date for the items of interest. If you choose not to rent any items with us, this deposit is nonrefundable. However, if adjustments need to be made in quantity/additional items rented, etc. we can adjust payment at a later date. 

Before your pickup date, you will be sent a second invoice with the remaining balance (including any adjustments in items rented/purchased). 

After reserving your date, we completely understand that things can change as you plan your big day. As you get a better idea of guest count you may realize you need more/fewer centerpieces than originally estimated. This is fine, just keep us in the loop as much as possible as you go so we can ensure that what you need is available!

Do you deliver?

Delivery of items is contingent upon date availability. A $50 minimum is required at this time for delivery and setup at your event (and pickup that night). The delivery/pickup fee will be based on the distance traveled to your venue. At this time we can only deliver items to 1-2 weddings per day depending on the time and location for setup. If your day is not available, we may be able to deliver the items to your house for a smaller fee earlier in the week to save you a trip. Please feel free to message us with any questions.

Where are you located?

At present we operate our business out of our home in East Syracuse, so the exact address is not given out unless an order is being picked up from our location.

What if I want to purchase only with no rentals?

We completely understand that you may be interested in only those items for purchase (e.g., bouquets, wine glasses, wedding party gifts, etc.). You are more than welcome to purchase these items without renting from us. We can ship most of these items as well.

Do you ship?

Yes! While our rental items are currently limited to the upstate/western New York area we can still ship for-purchase items to the rest of the country.

PLEASE check each item description before checking out for shipping orders- if it is marked as a local rental it cannot be shipped and your order will be canceled.

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